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Full Circle Resources, Inc.

EAL in Action

Communication and personal leadership are two specific growth areas in which EAL is extremely effective. Life lessons and character skills are experienced and mastered through customized lesson plans which use horses as teaching partners.

These lessons may include:

  • Grooming and leading of horses provide lessons in responsibility
  • Observing and applying natural consequences through interaction with the horse herd teach respect
  • Understanding communication styles
  • Focusing on Connections between behaviors and self control demonstrates safety.

And through a blend of supportive programs, our students or learners may develop a strong sense of commiitment, self-worth and a solid foundation for their adult life.

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Equine Assisted Learning

(EAL) is a hands-on approach to learning. Learners participate in customized activities in which the horse provides a reflection of human body language and attitude. This unique experience leads to the understanding and ownership of the presented lesson.

Many teachers and parents today are seeking creative ways to improve the level of engagement in their students.. And it is challenging to provide useful experiences outside a classroom.

But EAL does just this!

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